Idle / management game where you run a shop in a typical roguelike dungeon. Slay monsters, acquire loot and sell it to adventurers.


Planned content:

  • Crafting.
  • Gear.
  • More dungeons.
  • More objects, items, monsters.


0.17.1 (12 jul '19)
-Fixed stuck player's character
-Fixed incorrect items swap on display tables
-Fixed bugs in game saves
-Dropped items load and save now
-Characters AI improvements

0.17 (06 jul '19)
-Ability to set prices
-Ability to pick dropped items
-Ability to suspend sales
-Added Request Table
-Customers also sell items now
-Customers react to prices
-Fixed player's HP bar animation

0.16.1 (22 jun '19)
-Improved object placement
-Improved raids UI
-Customers buy mushrooms now

Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags2D, clicker, dungeon, idle, Loot, Management, shopkeeper, Singleplayer


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ummmm... sooooo... xD.... this is actually super funny!! So before the update if you clicked raid before ur character was at max hp, it would go to 100 then start walking there, but now if you do, he stops gaining hp, doesnt stand up, slides to the exit and starts attacking lol, its mostly visual except that he wont have max hp but its super funny

p.s. i know its probably not very high on your priority list but my computer tends to have lots of updates (its a school-issued chromebook) so i lose my data quite a bit. Maybe make a way to save with like an encrypted string of letters and numbers (in a similar fashion to cookie clicker saves) I do enjoy restarting every now and then but when i get an update, boom, all my save data gone and it gets kind of annoying

Whoops... it's fixed now :)

I've added save exports to the todo list. The game already uses encrypted strings internally so it shouldn't take too much time to implement  but I have a bunch of things to code before that. Expect it soon

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Thanks! Also from now on, ill probably just start editing comments so I don't flood your comments with my messages xD

(also you updated this on the 11th, not the 12th :P)

Edit: I made it impossible for me to raid again :P, I'm not sure what the "exact" cause was but i clicked raid, saw my person had 99 hp, not 100, so i returned then clicked raid again quickly, i accidently returned again right after, and now the raid button doesn't work lol, sorry for breaking your game again xD

Another Edit: it happened again but this time none of the things from the previous time happened this time. the guy just got out of bed, took a sword from storage, tried to put it on a regular display that already had a sword and now the raid button doesn't work? so weird 

ANOTHER Edit: I do realize that this is under development and there are going to be a lot of glitches and bugs, and that's why I keep pointing these out is to help. If you buy a bag upgrade after clicking the raid button, the bag space will appear but is completely unusable.

^^^Correction: The extra bag slots just don't work anymore lol^^^

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Also, buying objects is a bit broken now, sometimes you click the object and itll immediately place it

And for the first, time i ran into a glitch where this guy is stuck trying to sell me a sword, he just keeps jumping and has a constant smile reaction but wont leave or sell a sword.

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I love the game, but can you add a saving system? And can you explain to me how the workers are supposed to work? For me, they just walk around doing nothing

Also, can you fix the glitch where if you click return before your character enters the dungeon, they get stuck?

Working on it. Should be fixed in the next patch.

Thanks! I really do love the game and the concept, I've always wanted to make something like this but all I know how to use is block code soooo... yeah, lol. Also, I've realized that sometimes when you try to place something on a display table sometimes it'll place the entire stack, and then when a customer buys one, it wont actually give you money, but it will still get rid of the item. I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to have 1 item on a display table at a time, so this can be really annoying. I'm not trying to discredit the game and I do realize its a WIP, I really do love it and just trying to help!

Workers supposed to restock display tables. The stocks management system is a bit bugged at the moment so it might not work every time.

love the game but i'm unable to play since my character has disappeared and the money/player upgrades are broken

Love it so far, there are a few glitches where the character will attack enemies while facing away from them, and the character also sleeps in the bed backwards, but other than that, its running great, would love to be able to equip items or use items on the MC to increase stats or make for longer raids, (recovering HP).

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It's a good game overall, although I did find a  glitch. After I place something, the shadow of the piece of the furniture stays on my cursor. Please fix this. Also, add a few more characters or items, and if a skeleton warrior dies, it should drop a piece of its armor, and orcs should drop swords. Also, orcs would need to be holding swords as well.

Sell noise scared the shit out of me.

Are you able to sell fungi?

Thank you for the bug report. I'll fix furniture placement in the next patch. 

Totally forgot that there is no way to get rid of fungi in the game currently. They more of a placeholder for crafting. I'll add them to the customers' shopping lists. 

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Also, a few possible tasks for you:

  • Different buyers = different items wanted = more strategical gameplay
  • More enemies = more drops = more coins
  • Better furniture/upgrades for furniture?
  • Quests?
  • Bosses?

Choosing at least one of these things would make the game better.

Also, sorry if it seems like I'm pushing you, I just would like to help on the progression of the game. I like games with challenge, strategy, and management. Also, the game shouldn't force you to do anything. Dont make players do things they don't want to.

Thank you for fixing furniture glitch, the game is better now!

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Descriptions of what everything does would be helpful. Other than that: nice concept. What's the point of storage if you can have display tables for the same price?

Definitely would be helpful. I'll add it to the todo list.

Display tables have very limited stack size. Storage can contain much more items. Also customers can't nick items form there.

Nice game and an interesting concept! In my own opinion, I'd say it's a little too slow paced and it feels even slower with the delay between when you press raid and he walks out of the door, then you have to wait before the screen of the character being in the dungeon pops up. I do believe this game could be really fun with some music as well but other than that I did enjoy playing the game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thank you for feedback. I'll try to make raids more responsive in the next update. They are intended to provide items in early game. Unfortunately the main source of items is not implemented yet :)