Mix potions together to discover new recipes. And don't forget about quests! They earn more coins than usual sales.

Disclaimer: I had no time to actually implement cats. Sorry :)

P.S. Right mouse button shows names of potions and precise coins amount.

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Cats, Colorful, Crafting, Cute, Fantasy, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Unity

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woo yeees every single pottionnnn

Pretty cool! I wish the recipe book was a little more detailed. Right mouse button did nothing for me, so, it could just be that? But I'm having trouble figuring out the bravery potion while looking through all the combinations

Lovely and simple, the sounds are great
At first i thought the cat was stealing my money

I experimented for a while but couldn't find stoneskin or speed potions 


im confused.  can you only make three potions? how do you make the other ones? can you mix anything together? i tried but am i doing something wrong or what

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You can mix different potions together. Make sure they are not the same color. If it doesn't work then it's a bug.

Looks beautiful, did you make the art yourself or can you share where you found it?

Some comments I would make:

  • From the counter you can grab an ingredient with a single press, but from the table you need to hold down the mouse button. It’s not generally good for controls to be inconsistent like this.
  • You can only mix an ingredient with a phial by dragging the ingredient onto the phial. Consider allowing the player to drag the phial onto the ingredient too, I subconsciously tried to do this right away and it confused me for a few seconds that it wasn’t working, I thought I they were somehow incompatible.
  • Even for a mini-game, it is a bit strange that you can see everything the game has to offer in literally 15 seconds. Even with the content that you do have already there are ways to make it keep the player’s attention for a bit more. For example allowing the mix of more than one ingredient, timed quests, potions taking some time to brew while you have to pay attention to a list of orders with a timer etc etc.

Overall pretty polished work :)

Thanks for constructive feedback. I made all art during the game jam. It's not very versatile so I am not considering to share it. Btw the code is a mess thence inconsistencies. Going to fix that post jam.

This is great! I'd love an option where you have to complete the quests in a limited amount of time. It'd be kind of overcooked-esque.